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Concrete Sealing In Lexington KY

For Lexington concrete sealing call Epoxy Hero today! We’re Fayette County’s #1 rated concrete sealing service. We use the most cutting edge technology to seal your concrete, for any job and any surface.


Residential – Homeowners often overlook how important it is to seal your concrete driveway, especially here in Kentucky where the winter months carry so much salt and grime. Salt can easily destroy a concrete floor, sidewalk, porch or set of stairs in a matter of hours if your concrete hasn’t been sealed. Our sealers are meant to last a lifetime!

Commercial – For your business, concrete sealing is very important to reduce the chance of liability. Sealing your concrete surfaces almost eliminate the chance that your floor will crack or chip, or spall from salt in the winter. This helps keep your facility clean and free of any slip n falls. The concrete sealers we use have different finishes, some are very shiny and others are completely clear. Contact us today for a free quote!

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