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Epoxy Floors In Kentucky

Here at epoxy hero we are experts in epoxy flooring in Kentucky. We’ve have over 20+ years of flooring experience combined with specialty epoxy coatings training that makes our know how unmatched. It all started with an idea, to provide our customers with the highest quality floors imaginable. We started in the cleaning business so we know all about cleaning concrete floors, stripping and waxing tiles and buffing floors for residential and commercial purposes. The problem was that something was missing.. With typical floor cleaning services there are not many high solid finishes that are built to last, so that’s why we set out to find the worlds toughest floors. Once we found out the incredible characteristics of epoxy flooring and how it could help our residential and commercial customers we never looked back, and that’s how we created Epoxy Hero! We now service the entire state of Kentucky for all things epoxy related, whether it be garage floors, polished concrete, or general epoxy flooring we have you covered!

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Our Industrial Epoxy Flooring systems are visually stunning and unique to each clients needs. Want your company logo set in your new floor? That’s easy! But there’s more to our commercial epoxy floors than being beautiful. They’re more affordable upfront than conventional flooring. And down the stretch ease of cleaning and maintenance cuts costs even more.


  • Medical & Dental Offices

  • Restaurants & Hospitality

  • Automotive Repair & Dealerships

  • Government & Municipal Buildings

What Types Of Epoxy Do We Install?

  • GarageĀ  Epoxy

  • Basement Epoxy

  • Clear Epoxy

  • Waterproofed Epoxy

  • Chemical Resistant Epoxy

  • Heavy Traffic Epoxy

How To Get An Epoxy Floor Quote?

Getting a quote for an epoxy floor is as simple as contacting epoxy floor hero today! We handle any size job including residential, commercial or industrial epoxy floor applications. Our epoxy heroes use the highest quality floor coatings on all of our jobs, we also use the most professional concrete grinding equipment to prep your floor. Installing epoxy floors is not as easy as it looks and must be installed by a professional coatings contractor if you want the floor to last for a lifetime. If you have a job in Kentucky that needs an epoxy coating make sure to give us a shout, we’d love to help!

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Epoxy Flooring Kentucky

Trusted Epoxy Floor Coating Manufacturers

Time tells an industrial flooring products story. The best stories are the stories that are true from one generation to the next. The products we use have histories of lasting the test of time, while still maintaining an ease of maintenance and stunning appearance. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you with your next commercial or industrial flooring project.

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Purpose Specific Commercial Floors

  • High Traffic & Impact Resistant Floors

  • Anti Microbial Flooring Solutions

  • Slip Resistant Flooring Systems

  • Chemically Resistant Floor Coatings

  • ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Floor Coatings

  • Thermal Shock Resistant Floors

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